MediTouch EHR/EMR

Designed to suit the needs of your practice.

Utilize a fully customizable EHR system that conforms to your business, is fully integrated, and web based. Your practice hinges on the use of sophisticated, intelligent IT. Our seamlessly integrated EHR/EMR system and software will help you achieve a higher quality of patient care with more efficiency and a boost in revenue.

EHR systems are ideal when they include many practice management and billing functions that work together to help you run your practice smoothly and productively. Our billing solutions and Clearinghouse will help you maximize your practice’s true revenue potentials by streamlining your claim submission, providing excellent reporting, and speeding payment. We even go a step further and provide you with a full accounting platform where you can see at any given time who you owe, who owes you, and many other necessary information to run your practice efficiently and effectively. Make Better Business by implementing Better Books and Billing.

Another seamlessly integrated part of our EHR / EMR system, the MediTouch patient portal is nuanced enough to become an essential part of your workflow and provide the access, privacy levels and functions that you, your patients and their family members need. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to succeed and keep pace with our transitioning healthcare system.